Marketing Design

& Implementation

Personal approach with proven results

We market, promote, enlighten, entertain, educate, & intrigue on your behalf.


Why The Star?

Soooooo many reasons


Stand Out From The Rest!

Star will light the way.

Sea Star Strategy will give you power to light up your business,

It takes time building a business let star guide you today.


Your goal: Increase revenue

Our goal: Increase your revenue

Don’t you love it when everyone is on the same page!

These goals may sound simple.  The truth is, if everyone does what they do best and have a passion for, then these goals become much simpler for everyone.

You have a passion for what you do.

We have a passion for what we do.

Marketing Strategy

Don’t want to run the plan yourself?  Who can blame you, how many hats are you expected to wear anyway???  See the section titled Marketing Design & Implementation.  We’d be happy to do it all for you.

Design & Implementation

We assemble your program from our comprehensive tool kit.  Selecting the most effective marketing initiatives to communicate your message to your target audience.  Then we execute the plan...

Business Development

Can’t see the forest for the trees?  Sometimes a different set of eyes can help see what has gotten a little stale or bring innovative suggestions to reinvigorate your processes. Let us guide your business.