Kathy Casale

30 years in the Marketing field. 

Adelphi University (2004) Bachelor Of Science, Summa Cum Laude

Adelphi University (2006), MBA, Graduated With Distinction

Kathy has extensive experience marketing products as diverse as deregulated energy, industrial supplies, fuel oil, restaurants, events, insurance and more.

Some titles she has gathered along the way: Director of Marketing, Sales Manager, Executive Vice President, Marketing Consultant, Business Development Consultant. 

“I love marketing and business development.  They are an incredible combination of the creative and the analytic.  The fact that I get to jump in and help companies improve their bottom line using these tools just adds to the fun.” KC

Favorite Marketing Tool:

“Newsletters.  I love conveying useful information to people integrated with product education.  Marketing is all about education-what the product is, why people need the product, and why they should buy the product from YOU."