Sea Star Business Development

There are three ways Sea Star Strategy can be of service to your business goals:

    1. Marketing Strategies
  • Let us know what your goals are and we can design a plan within your budget to accomplish them.
  • Don’t want to run the plan yourself? Who can blame you, how many hats are you expected to wear anyway??? See the section titled Marketing
  • Design & Implementation. We’d be happy to do it all for you.
    2. Marketing Design & Implementation (This is the WE DO IT ALL FOR YOU section)
  • We market, promote, enlighten, entertain, educate, & intrigue on your behalf.
  • We assemble your program from our comprehensive tool kit. Selecting the most effective marketing initiatives to communicate your message to your target audience. Then we execute the plan, analyze results, tweak for improvement, increase your revenue, bask in the glory.
  • Our tool kit is at your disposal. Why are we willing to share our tool kit with you so freely, you ask? Well, we could hand you a hammer, but odds are you wouldn’t want to build a house. Same thing when it comes to marketing. You could do it yourself. But you have better things to do-like run a business, have a personal life, breathe. But, this is what we DO. We have the experience, the education, and the connections to do it all very well and odds are it will be cheaper in the long run for you if we handle everything. And more effective. Yes, that was the important one, effectiveness. If you remember our home page, we mentioned goals.
    3. Business Development
  • Can’t see the forest for the trees? Sometimes a different set of eyes can help see what has gotten a little stale or bring innovative suggestions to reinvigorate your processes.

Who Needs Sea Star?

  • Businesses big & small, who don’t have an in-house marketing department.
  • Companies with an in-house marketing department that need a fresh set of eyes or a new direction.
  • Start-ups needing direction.
  • Mature companies seeking to revitalize their marketing process.

Call or contact Sea Star and we can answer that question together.